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No Image ImageWorks will scan the directory for images and build both a visual thumbnail list, as well as a thumbnail file for faster access upon returning to that directory in the future. Once the thumbnail view is loaded, select any image and NuGenImageWorks will present you image within a dual pain view. The left image represents the original image; the right is the modified image. So, you can visually compare the original with the any current modifications

Veqa ImageFly 1.5: Resize, watermark & effects for Web images on the fly in PHP
Veqa ImageFly 1.5

image processors of your choice: GD, ImageMagick, or ImageMagick MagickWand for PHP. And not only can you get images on the fly, you can get it by file saving, or even by class functions to make your very own custom image tool. Plus it comes with password protection for security, and supporting multiple logins, so you can now manipulate your images secure and safely. Veqa ImageFly strives to evolve image manipulation on the Web to its utmost potential

imagemagick, contrast, flip, veqa, reformat, rotate, resize, brightness, colorize, grayscale, invert, sharpen, blur

Actual Drawing 7.3: Visual tool to make Web Pages fast and easy
Actual Drawing 7.3

image manipulation tools so you don`t need to use a third-party image editor - web page content can be drawn with various effects like glow, shadow, or transparency. Resolution-independent vector layers can be resized without loss of quality. The filling gradients and patterns enable to create visual effects with stunning realism. The program has easy-to-use tools to prepare custom rollover buttons; it creates necessary images and Java script. In

page, form, content, flip, design, html, dilate, blur, actual, internet, elements, tools, background

Pixcavator Image Analysis Software 2.3: Analyze image content, save to Excel, manipulate image.
Pixcavator Image Analysis Software 2.3

image analysis capabilities to scientists and researchers. With a single click you can capture the contours of all objects in the image and produce a spreadsheet with each objects locations and measurements. You can mark objects in the spreadsheet to highlight objects in the image, or vice versa and then extract or remove objects from the image to simplify, enhance or manipulate the image. This represents a new image manipulation tool for professional

image editing, image processing, image analysis, computer vision

ClearImage Tools 5.7: COM .NET tools to develop PDF TIFF JPG  image and form processing applications
ClearImage Tools 5.7

IMAGE LOGICAL OPERATIONS Perform AND, OR, XOR or Paste operations on whole images or specified regions IMAGE SCALING OPERATIONS Scale Image - reduce or increase image resolution Scale to Grayscale Bitmap - reduce the image size while retaining its appearance. OTHER IMAGE OPERATIONS Skew Image - rotate the image by a specified amount The ClearImage FREE SDK contains both COM server modules and .NET managed code, and a demonstration program to Evaluate

compare, object, trim, lead tools, tiff, allmypapers, image, thicken, fatten, histogram, erode, dilate, extract

Pixeluvo 1.4.5: Pixeluvo is a beautiful new image and photo editing application for PC and Linux
Pixeluvo 1.4.5

image editing and photo manipulation application designed to be both powerful and easy to use. It supports many advanced features such as non-destructive editing via adjustment layers, powerful color correction tools, realistic pressure-sensitive drawing tools and many image enhancement filters. It can handle all kinds of image editing requirements, from simple cropping and color adjustments to complex photo montage and digital painting. With just

image editor, digital painting, image manipulation, photo montage, photo editor

UniView 1.65: UniView is a powerful and wieldy image viewer, converter and manipulation tool.
UniView 1.65

image viewer,converter and manipulation tool for Winodws 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP. It support 50+ popular image formats and it intergates many functions to let you manipulate the image files easily and quickly. Main features: 1.Support to view and convert between 50+ most popular image formats, including raster, vector and animated images: *.AFI;*.ANI;*.AVI;*.BMP;*.BW;*.CEL;*.CIF;*.CUR;*.CUT;*.DCX;*.DIB;*.DXF;*.EMF;*.EPS;*.GIF(Including animated GIF);*.HG;*.

convert, encrypt, tiff, image, rename, album, wbmp, html, view, jpeg, animate

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